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My “Fantasyland” costume for working on Mickey’s PhilharMagic and Prince Charming Carousel in the Magic Kingdom!

My “Fantasyland” costume for working on Mickey’s PhilharMagic and Prince Charming Carousel in the Magic Kingdom!

Work Location Training

So finally now that I’m caught up with previous blogs, I can talk about today! I had my first day of my work location training which is in the Magic Kingdom.

The first part of the morning from 7:15am to 11am was a tour around some parts of the Magic Kingdom.  We visited the entrance to the park, Main Street, got told about what to do if “lost parents” are found - because children are never lost! Visited the information centre, Tomorrowland and Liberty Square.  The park was practically empty which was amazing to see!

We got told a lot of information about MK which was really interesting!  Couldn’t believe I was getting paid to learn about Disney!  We also went on the Buzz Lightyear ride and the Haunted Mansion.

After this, we were taken up to a room in the Utilidors where the Entertainment Office is and watched a video from the Vice President of MK welcoming us to the park.

Our work location trainers then came in to take us to the wardrobe department so we could get our costumes and find out where we’re working!

We got there and I found out I’ll be working in Mickey’s PhilarMagic ( and also on Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel! (  I am so happy with the locations that I got because it will be full of excitable children who are proper into Disney magic which will be so much fun!

I got fitted for my costume which is the same throughout Fantasyland (apart from the new expansion part of Storybook Circus) and it’s awful but amazing at the same time. I kinda love it!  Will post a picture soon of what it’s like when I have it on!

After we got our costumes, we went to our lockers and put our things away.  They are the proper American lockers with the spinny combination codes and it took me a while to open it but I’ve got the hang of it now! Finally after that, we went to all get lunch at the “Mousekateria” in the Utilidors where I had this really fine beef stew and pasta!

Right next to where our lockers are, are where the Disney princesses costumes are so I kept seeing them wandering about in joggers and stuff which was kind of surreal! A lot of people say it takes away a bit of the magic when you see them off stage but I think it makes you feel a bit closer to them even if you don’t really talk to them.  Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take any photos in backstage areas so I can’t let anyone see what the Utilidors are like!

After lunch, our trainer Trisha walked us around the whole of Fantasyland and told us all about the new expansion which is taking place - which sounds absolutely amazing!! Definitely going to have to come back once it’s all finished.  I had the most amazing day and the sun even came out while we were walking around, which wasn’t the best as we all had business clothes on so it got quite hot!

To finish off the day we got to go on Peter Pan’s Flight which was really good.  Had such an amazing time walking around the Magic Kingdom and I’m honestly so happy with where I’m going to be working.  I have my next training session tomorrow at 8am so should probably go to sleep but I’m currently being kept awake by an insane thunder/lightning storm.  There will be a video to follow!

39 days to go!

So I don’t really have much to talk about at the moment with Disney things but I really wanted to write a blog post because I’m getting so exicted!

In 39 days I will be either on my flight to Orlando or just about arriving (I really have no idea how long the flight is!). CAN’T WAIT TO GET THERE!!

I have my visa appointment this coming Friday and I still haven’t paid my SEVIS fee or completed my DS-160.  Really should have done it tonight but I’ve heard it’s so much effort that I keep putting it off.  I’ll get my mum to sit and do it with me tomorrow as no doubt I will mess it up or something if I do it on my own!

OH, should maybe write about my flights and the drama that’s gone on with them.  If anyone has read my earlier “Disney Nightmares” post, they will know that my flights got completely messed up but eventually got sorted.. or so I thought.  Yesterday I went onto the BA website to see how early in advance I could book a seat on the flight so that me and some of the other girls could all sit together.  When I typed in my booking reference it said that there were no flights in the booking.  As soon as I saw that, I knew that STA had messed them up yet again!

My mum has been the one dealing with my flights so I told her about it and she contacted STA Travel to ask about my booking.  She got a response something like “Oh, em.. yes that’s strange I’m not sure why there’s nothing booked.” OH YES YOU DO!  Clearly cancelled my flights because they thought they could book me onto more inconvenient ones and make themselves a bit more money.

So my mum also contacted BA and they said that the travel agent had cancelled the flights, when STA said that it was BA who cancelled them.  Giving me a headache even thinking about all the changes they’ve tried to give me!

Anyway, my flights have been “rebooked” and I tried my new booking reference on the BA website which now come up with my original flights so I’m really hoping that there won’t be any more changes to them!

Apart from the flights thing and my visa appointment next week, I don’t have much else to say apart from.. I AM EXCITED! :D 

Will update again after I’ve had my visa appointment :)