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Wishes Got Cancelled..

..yeah, the fireworks show that goes off EVERY single night in the Magic Kingdom was cancelled due to weather! I can’t even describe how bad the rain was today and the lightning was far too close to the park to set the fireworks off so they were cancelled. It was such a crazy night.. nobody wanted to stand outside because of the rain so people were blocking entrances and exits everywhere which was fun to deal with. So happy I’m home and in my bed now!

This is my favourite picture I have taken. <3

This is my favourite picture I have taken. <3

Favourite Day At Work!

Yesterday (August 8th), I did my first 12 hour shift.  I thought it was going to be reaaally long and tiring but surprisingly it turned out to go really fast and has definitely been my favourite work day so far.  It was completely and utterly “cute kids at Disney World day”, I met so many adorable children!

I did Carousel Operator, Carousel Grouper, Castle Couture strollers, Guest Flow, Philhar Merge, Philhar Lobby, Philhar Theatre and Exit Glasses Then I had my first Wishes shift!

So the first part of my day that was awesome was when I was at Castle Couture stollers (which is directly beside the castle) and I saw the cutest thing ever.  The mum was standing by the stroller and has this huge box with a Cinderella Castle playset inside.  The dad then walks over with his daughter who is all dressed up in a little Cinderella princess dress and points at the box, all the while the mum is filming the little girls reaction.  It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen it almost made me cry!  Her face just lit up and her mouth was open, oh my gosh I can’t even describe how sweet it was!  The mum then told the little girl to stand in front of the real Cinderella Castle with the playset and get a picture.  This box was almost as big as the little girl and she picked it up and shuffled herself into picture position with her dad in front of the castle, best thing ever!  I told them that it was the sweetest thing I had ever seen and they said that she was the best, she never asks for any presents or anything and last year when they came they told her she could pick out something in a store and all she picked was this tiny little doll.  I got so emotional over this whole moment!

The next thing that made my day was about 10 minutes later when I had another little girl dressed as Cinderella come over with her family and sat down on the benches outside Castle Couture.  I had bubbles on me so I decided to blow some for her to keep her occupied while her parents were trying to contact someone on the phone.  So I stood and blew bubbles with this cute little girl for like 20 minutes while she was trying to catch and pop them all.  Then I got taken away by one of my coordinators to move a 3D glasses cart.  Ugh, if only my job was to stand and blow bubbles with kids all day my life would be made!

At 7:45 I went down to the tunnels to meet with everyone else who was doing Wishes.  I had my training class on Wishes when I first got here around 2 months ago and this has been my first time actually working it.  Basically the whole area around the castle needs to be roped off because it is in the “fallout zone” for fireworks so nobody can be in the area during Wishes.  So our job is to stand at the ropes to answer any questions that guests have but really just to make sure that nobody goes past the ropes when the fireworks are on.

I got given “Castle Front” which is probably one of the biggest positions for Wishes.  I got given a radio and also a timetable that let me know the times that I can let people in and out of the ropes for those who have dinner reservations inside the castle at Cinderella’s Royal Table.

So from 8pm until 11pm I was at the ropes at the very front of the castle.  People started sitting down in front of them and there were these 3 little kids in particular who were so cute!

These two kids were obviously brother and sister and were asking me what felt like a million questions on everything Disney.  Where does Cinderella live?  Why does Tinkerbell fly from the castle if it’s Cinderella’s house?  Where do Mickey and Minnie live?  Where does Tinkerbell live?  Where’s Neverland?  How do you get to Neverland? How can we get pixie dust?  What does Cinderella have for breakfast?  Can we sleep in the castle?  Where do the other princesses live?  Soooo many questions like this it was unreal!  It was so cute though.

I told them that Cinderella and Prince Charming live in the castle and they asked me if she was going to be coming out tonight.  I said no and that she would be up in her room watching the fireworks from her window.  And they were like she’s up there right now?  So I said yeah she is!  They were like “for real?!” Awwww it was so cute, they were sat staring up at the castle to see if they could see her!

Then I had this other little girl, again dressed as Cinderella, who started talking to me. She asked if I could speak French and I said I could speak very little.  I said “Bonjour, ca va?” to her and she just smiled so much it was so sweet.

The first showing of “The Magic, The Memories & You” came on which is the projection show which lights up the castle.  I can’t even describe how amazing it was being able to see it from the very front of the castle with nobody blocking your view.  I kept getting shivers throughout the whole show!

After that Wishes came on which is always amazing.  I’m definitely going to cry on the last night that I see it!

Anyway, after Wishes was over there was a second showing “The Magic, The Memories & You” and after that was over, I was called on the radio to say that the Castle Front was clear, then the ropes were dropped and I got to go home.

100% my faveeee day ever at work :)

Things I Love..

  • pin trading
  • blowing bubbles for kids
  • when adults get more excited about the bubbles than the kids
  • when people see the bubbles and scream “BUBBLES!” and run towards them
  • when security say “welcome home” when i get back to chatham square
  • when i meet families from scotland in the park
  • when people move all the way to the end of their rows in theatre with me only telling them once
  • when tinkerbell comes on the screen in philharmagic and one kid always shouts out “TINKERBELL!”
  • starting a round of applause when philharmagic is about to start
  • when the audience try to grab things out of the screen in philharmagic
  • when the fireworks from “dream along with mickey” go off and everyone goes “ooooh!”
  • when wishes is on and everyone claps when there’s a pause
  • when the fireworks go off for the finale of “wishes” and everyone is smiling and clapping
  • how i still get emotional every time i watch “wishes”
  • how i still get excited every time i pass through the disney world and magic kingdom entrances
  • that our managers in fantasyland fill up the freezer with ice pops for us all the time
  • being able to do “magical moments” which i can’t explain in detail - disney secrets and all!
  • when people compliment me on my accent
  • when parents tell their kids “look, she’s where merida’s from!” and they get all excited
  • when guests ask to get a picture with me, i just find it cute!
  • when kids come up and hug you for no reason
  • when the little girls are dressed up in princess dresses and you say “hello princess!” and they get all excited
  • saying happy birthday or happy anniversary to guests with badges on and they get excited
  • generally when i see happy guests, it makes me happy!
  • when guests ask about the new fantasyland and i get to tell them all about it
  • basically working at disney world and making people happy.. i love my life :)

i always get this feeling like wendy does in the scene from peter pan when she gets sprinkled with pixie dust.. i love making magic! 

Magic Kingdom & Kitchen Sink!

Yesterday (which was the 28th by the time I’ve gotten round to posting this) was the first time I’ve actually been to spend the daytime in the Magic Kingdom outside of work!

I went to meet up with Laura but first got myself a “Happily Ever After” badge to wear and also got spell cards to play the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom!

I also got my first picture in front of the castle which was super exciting!!

We then watched the castle stage show then went to Fantasyland to play the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom which was quite fun because I see people play it all the time and I always want to play!  You basically get 5 different spell cards and a key card which opens different “portals” within the Magic Kingdom and you cast spells to defeat the villains.

Me & Laura then got chatting to one of the guys we work with and he asked if we had done the pixie dust yet, to which we said no, so then he said to follow him and me and Laura got all excited and squealing like little children!  We went into Castle Couture and one of the girls had a fairy wand, she told us to close our eyes while she sprinkled pixie dust on us and said a poem and told us to make a wish, it was so cute!

So now I was covered in pixie dust with my Tinkerbell necklace on and my Happily Ever After badge :D feeling 5 years old!

After a while we went to go and get water and an ice lolly because it was so hot outside.. this was the first day we had got proper sunshine since we had been here and it was like 33 degrees!

I ended up passing out at the stand and faceplanted into a bowl of oranges.. awkward!  So Laura put me down on the ground to which I woke up with my change all over the ground.  I stood up and one of the co-ordinators asked if I wanted first aid to come and help me, and I was like no way.. I know the drill, you’re going to call 911 and I am NOT going to hospital! So I politely told her that I was fine and I was just too hot, then she gave me a free ice lolly and a bottle of water.

We sat down and just chilled in the shade for like half an hour then went on the carousel.. we didn’t even venture out of the place where we work!

After that we went back down onto Main Street and saw some of the parade, went to Main Street bakery where I got this giant double chocolate brownie which I didn’t even finish.

We then left the park to go to the Yacht and Beach Club resort to go and eat the Kitchen Sink dessert and Beaches’n’Cream! 

There were 7 of us who had this amaaazing dessert.. 

8 scoops of ice cream, cherries, a whole chocolate bar, oreos, six different sauce toppings, a whole can of whipped cream and loads more which is explained here:

To put it simply, it was heaven in a bowl.. well, sink. Then we decided to actually have a meal after it so I had a hot dog and chips which I didn’t finish cause I was so full.

When we finished our meal we went back to Vista Way to a house party where I had my first drink in a red cup! This made my life even if it was only lemonade I could drink!

3 of us decided to leave after about 15 minutes though since we’re under 21 and just chilled by the pool for about an hour instead.

Another good day off :)

Work Assessment

On Monday (18th June) I had my work assessment!  I had to take a written assessment and then do all the different positions that I had been taught for my attractions.  And… I PASSED!  I got to take off my “Earning My Ears” tag which showed that I was in training so now I’m all good to work alone!  I thought that I was finished after my assessment but I had a split shift where I started work from 7:30 until 22:15 which was good practice of getting into working.  I worked on the carousel for most of the night and then clocked out at 10 and got to watch Wishes before I went home :).

On the Tuesday I had my first proper day of work!  I clocked in and got put on “Guest Flow and Strollers 1” and I was actually clueless about what this meant so someone told me I basically have to stand in the middle of the street between Peter Pan and It’s a Small World, and tell people to keep walking to their right hand side so that there’s no “traffic jams”!  I also worked in the Lobby of PhilharMagic (telling people to keep moving all the way across into the lobby before entering), Exit Glasses where I collect all the 3D glasses and have to stack them into trays (not the most exciting job in the world but at least you get to stand in a room out of the heat on your own!), the FastPass merge point (taking people’s FastPasses and also letting in the stand by queue keeping count of the amount of people we can take in, I worked at the Standby entrance which I quite like because you get to talk to a lot of guests and you basically just welcome them to the attraction or answer any questions they have about it.  I was waving and smiling to everyone that entered and some guy came up to me and told me “you’re far too happy” which was good because it’s my job to be cheesy and happy!  I did guest flow a couple more times and did the strollers (prams/buggys) outside PhilharMagic where I had to basically keep everyone’s strollers in a neat line!

I also worked Theatre for the first time where I need to spiel over a microphone to the audience (around 500 people) which I thought I would be nervous about but it turns out that this is probably my favourite position to work!  Sometimes the show gets a little too creepy and scary for little kids because it goes pitch black and the Fantasia music comes on which would be pretty frightening if you were 3 or 4!  So this one family stood up in the front row and went all the way over to the left of the stage as they wanted to leave, so I went over to them and guided them out of the theatre.  I didn’t realise until about 3 minutes later that they had tripped the motion sensors beside the stage and the curtains didn’t open all the way!  It wasn’t a huge issue for the remainder of the show but after the show was finished I had to put the next show on hold and call for Maintenance to come and reset the curtains as we can’t do it ourselves.  So I had my first “101” situation which is when the ride is down for an extended period of time.  Great start to my first day!  But it was fixed within about 7 minutes which wasn’t too bad I guess.

I finished at 5:30 and went to costuming to see if my new name tag had arrived.. and it had!  YAY.  So I’m no longer from England anymore, I’m from Scotland! :D

After I got home from work I skyped my mum for an hour.  Totally sucks not really being able to keep in contact with people back home because of the time difference.

After skyping, I went over to Shaun’s with Yaz and Eoghan and we chilled by the pool and in the hot tub for the night then went and got a Wendy’s!

Today I had my social security appointment at 6am this morning so I was superrr tired after it so had like a 2 hour nap.  I’m working from 16:15 until 01:30 which isn’t too bad as the park closes at 11pm, but we have some sort of “welcome to Fantasyland” meeting afterwards which should be fun!  So I’m off to get ready for work now :) I love my job!

Fondue, Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

On Saturday night my lovelyyyy friend Shaun took me out to a place called the Melting Pot which was a fondue restaurant.  That’s the first time I’ve ever tried fondue and it was reaally good!  We had raw vegetables, apples and bread to dip into cheese fondue to start, then we both had a caesar salad followed by a meat platter of lobster tails, steak, pork, chicken, prawns, mushroom pasta and more vegetables to cook in a garlic and citrus sauce and then as if we could manage more.. we had chocolate fondue to finish with strawberries, bananas, rice krispie treats, marshmallows, brownies, sponge cake and cheesecake.  It was all amaaazing, thank you Shaun :D.


On Sunday, a group of 6 of us went to Animal Kingdom together for the day which was pretty good fun :).  We did the safari tour and saw loads of different animals, went on Expedition Everest (one of the rollercoasters), went on the Kali River Rapids, the Dinosaur ride, It’s Tough to be a Bug, and some spinny ride I can’t remember the name of!  We had lunch there and saw part of the parade too.

(Me in front of Expedition Everest)

After the rapids we decided to head to Hollywood Studios so jumped on the bus and went straight on the Tower of Terror because there was only a 10 minute wait which is unusually short.  I was absolutely terrified and screamed like a little kid on it!  We then went on Rock’n’Rollercoaster and Star Tours then went to get a seat for Fantasmic which is a 30 minute stage show starring Mickey Mouse which was awesomeeee!

When Fantasmic was finished we all decided to go home as we were all pretty tired and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep on the bus home.  Had a really good day :)

Random Stuff I’ve Been Doing!

Last night I had my final day of training which is pretty scary! Was almost falling asleep at points as I was working until 3am.. my happy Disney smile was beginning to fade away every time we had to go inside and read the training manual, but every time we went back outside I saw Cinderella’s Castle and smiled again, sounds so cheesy but it’s true! Keep forgetting where I am sometimes!

We got to watch Wishes from behind the castle where the fireworks actually go off which made my night :) they’re so much louder and look ten times bigger when you’re that close to them!  Still haven’t seen Tinkerbell fly from the castle though which is a bit gutting, hopefully third time lucky of me seeing it she will be able to do it.

Was absolutely shattered after work last night that I kept drifting in and out of sleep on the bus and I started to fall forwards and headbutted the guy who was sitting next to me then I jolted awake again, was pretty awkward but kind of funny haha.  Got home around 3:30am then went straight to bed.  

Woke up at 10am this morning, got breakfast then went to the pool for almost 3 hours to get started on my tan. I do have some pretty good tan lines now which is a good starting point :) I would post a picture but it’s a bit inappropriate so you can just take my word for it!

Back in my apartment now and just finished my lunch.  Possibly going back to the pool later on but still unsure!  Getting taken out for dinner tonight but I don’t know where we’re going.. hate waiting for surprises!

Also going to Animal Kingdom tomorrow with a bunch of people from the Facebook group that I haven’t met yet which will be good fun :)

So I’ll post again tomorrow with some pictures and what else I’ve been up to! 

Hooters & Dominos

Forgot to say that 3 days ago, me and 3 friends went to Hooters for tea! We had chicken in some sort of garlic spicy sauce to start which was so so good, then I had fish and chips for my main and I barely ate any of it because I was so full from the starter!

Yesterday I had the day off so me & Shaun went to the pool in Chatham and just chilled there for the day.  Then at night me, Yaz, Shaun & Eoghan ordered a Dominos and had a night in watching Scary Movie :) was good just to stay in for a night instead!

Today I’ve done my very first clothes wash all on my own and that’s about it. Away to make some lunch then maybe sleep for a while before starting work.

Training & Time Off

Basically the past few days I have had on the job training for working.  It’s so much information to take in.. How to open the rides, how to operate the rides, how to deal with emergency stops, all the different positions you can do, how to work the FastPass machines, how to admit guests with a disability, all these different cards that guests can have, how to deal with celebrities or VIP guests.. information overload!

I have one more day of training today from 6:30pm until 3:00am, which means I will be learning how to close the rides and also how to set up for Wishes which is on every night at 10pm.  I reckon that will be quite fun because I’ll actually get to watch the show too. 

After my training two days ago, I went to the Magic Kingdom for the first time as a guest which was pretty fun! Went to ride Space Mountain first with one of my friends and saw it was a 55 minute wait in the queue.  We asked if you could get FastPasses for it and the girl told us that yeah you can, but they had stopped doing them for the night.  So we asked her if we would have enough time to ride it before Wishes, to which she said yeah but we would be cutting it pretty close, then she told us to wait a minute then she went away.  She came back and had written us a FastPass and let us skip the queue!  So we did Space Mountain in about 10 minutes rather than an hour which was goood!

We then went to Stitch’s Great Escape and we were like “what’s this about?” and the Cast Member told us to save ourselves 20 minutes and go and do something else instead.  We got chatting to him about being Cast Members ourselves and asked about which rides are the best to do in the Magic Kingdom and about how long the wait lines are and stuff.  He then wrote us out two “No Strings Attached” forms which allows us to skip the queue for 2 different rides.  They last for about a month and a half so we’re going to save them for when there’s a wait of an insane time!  I love Disney employees, everyone is super nice!!

So after we chatted to him, he told us about a good spot to watch ‘Wishes’ but we couldn’t find it so we stood somewhere close to it!  We watched “The Magic, The Memories and You” which is a show which projects pictures onto Cinderella’s Castle which was pretty amazing.

'Wishes' then started after this which was even more amazing!  The fireworks were just insane.

Then after Wishes was over, we watched the Main Street Electrical Parade which was awesomeee :)

After that we walked to the Contemporary Hotel, got the Monorail to the Ticket and Transportation Centre, thennn got the bus home. I was ridiculously tired after all that so fell asleep pretty much as soon as I got in.  This post is already too long so I’m going to make a new one to write about what else I’ve done!