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So I finally got around to making this - wanted to do it for so long but just haven’t had the time! Some of my favourite photos and videos put together from my 2012 ICP/CEP experience :)

Seat on the Plane Booked!

Yesterday I booked my seat on the plane for heading out to Orlando :)  I can’t wait now, a lot of the Disney people have booked seats together at the back flying from Gatwick so it’ll be good sitting with everyone.. party plane! 

Also received an email from YummyJobs telling me that I should receive my welcome pack by the 22nd of March at the latest.  It said:

Your pack will include your offer letter from Walt Disney World, Visa Documentation and a few surprises from our team at YJ.”

What are the surprises? I want to know now! Will post again when I receive it in the mail :)



On Tuesday 10th June me, Yaz, Jen, Vicky, Shaun, Pat, Mike and Matt all went to Miami for the day.. WOOOO!

Was such an awesome day.  We got the party bus there from Vista Way at around 4:45am.  Music was blaring and it got us all so buzzed for it!

We arrived in Miami at 10am and went straight for the beach after getting a group photo!


We chilled at the beach for around an hour then went for a walk and ended up getting lunch at TGI’s.  I wasn’t that hungry so I just had this strawberry shortcake thing which was so good!

After lunch we went back to where we had a private beach bit rented for the day with cabanas and mattress type things with pillows which was super comfy! 

We chilled on the beds and at the beach for the rest of the day and then we left at 6pm to go back to Orlando.  

The bus home got pretty tiring after a couple of hours.  The music was the same as on the way down, and I lost track of the amount of times the song ‘Rack City’ was played.. somehow managed to drift in and out of sleep though and we got back to Vista Way at around 11pm.

Couldn’t wait to get to my bed after it, was such a long day but was worthwhile!

Some other pics from the day.. :)

Lightning storm in Orlando, taken from outside my balcony!