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So I finally got around to making this - wanted to do it for so long but just haven’t had the time! Some of my favourite photos and videos put together from my 2012 ICP/CEP experience :)

ICP 2013 Blog

I’ve decided to keep a separate blog for my ICP 2013 programme :) I was going to use it as a personal blog but never got around to it! I’m planning on doing vlogs this year as well as written blog posts so please follow http://carly—in— if you want to keep updated with my ICP 2013 programme in operations!

Seat on the Plane Booked!

Yesterday I booked my seat on the plane for heading out to Orlando :)  I can’t wait now, a lot of the Disney people have booked seats together at the back flying from Gatwick so it’ll be good sitting with everyone.. party plane! 

Also received an email from YummyJobs telling me that I should receive my welcome pack by the 22nd of March at the latest.  It said:

Your pack will include your offer letter from Walt Disney World, Visa Documentation and a few surprises from our team at YJ.”

What are the surprises? I want to know now! Will post again when I receive it in the mail :)


I do love my fantasy jewelry. #jewelry #believe #tinkerbell #disney #disneycouture #bambi #aliceinwonderland #drinkme #goldensnitch #harrypotter #evenstar #lordoftherings #deathlyhallows #timeturner #necklace #fantasy

I do love my fantasy jewelry. #jewelry #believe #tinkerbell #disney #disneycouture #bambi #aliceinwonderland #drinkme #goldensnitch #harrypotter #evenstar #lordoftherings #deathlyhallows #timeturner #necklace #fantasy

How I feel right now.

How I feel right now.


Just watched videos of ‘Wishes’ and ‘Mickey’s Philharmagic’

UGH I miss watching Wishes every night so so so much! I miss reciting all the words and knowing every single firework that was away to go off and using my hands pretending I was the one firing them off. WAH.

I miss Philharmagic even though I have seen the show way too many times than is acceptably normal.

If there is anyone reading this that has the power to put me back in Fantasyland next summer, PLEASE DO IT.

Who wouldn’t miss this?

Definitely suffering from post-Disney depression right now.



My Disney Trading Pins

As promised, I said I would do a post on my pins! (this post has turned out a lot longer than I thought it would so I apologise for how lengthy it is!)

Now before I went to DisneyWorld, I had absolutely no idea what trading pins were!  So for anyone else that doesn’t know, you can buy a lanyard and buy different pins to put on them and you can trade them with other guests within the park and also with Cast Members.

The idea is to trade for pins that you like better, or some people also collect sets that Disney release, it’s pretty fun!

This was one of my favourite things about my job when someone would come up to me and ask if I wanted to pin trade.  I had a lot of younger kids and their parents would tell me that it was their first pin trade and it would make me so happy that I was part of it!  I even had a family take a picture with their daughter as we were trading, it was adorable.

Anyway here’s a picture of my work pins that I “accidentally” forgot to hand in before I left!

If anyone can tell me what the brown moose pin is all about I would love to know because people always used to trade me it and I never knew!

So those were my work pins which I was obliged to trade if anyone asked me to, but I also bought my own pins whilst I was out there too which all mean something to me!

The bottom two obviously aren’t Disney pins - they’re Universal ones, but I saw these in the Universal shop in the airport when I was leaving and as anyone that knows me knows I love Harry Potter I had to buy them!  These are the symbols for the Gryffindor & Slytherin houses.

The Donald Duck pin I got because he is the main character in Mickey’s Philharmagic which is the attraction I worked on the majority of the time I was there this summer.

The Mickey Peter Pan pin is actually my favourite one that I have. I mentioned it in my “Last Day at Work” post but I’ll explain it anyway.  Basically, the one character that I always wanted to meet at DisneyWorld was Peter Pan.  It was my last day at work and I was gutted that I hadn’t got to meet him since I had started working.  He does his meet & greets outside the entrance to Adventureland and I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to meet him on my last day as I was working through the day and he only appears during really specific times during the day.  Anyway, I was on Castle Couture strollers which is right by the walkway of the castle, and Peter Pan happens to just casually walk right by me with a couple of people following behind him.  I couldn’t believe on my last day he just walked right by into Fantasyland where he never goes! I’m assuming he went over to the Peter Pan ride for some reason.  Anyway, I was really hoping that he would come back through the castle so I could see him again.  I was blowing bubbles for people around me who were coming into Fantasyland and Peter comes running back and starts catching and popping all the bubbles I was blowing.  It was really windy at this point and they were blowing all around him as he was frantically trying to pop them.  He said to me that they were too quick for him to pop and then he left through the castle again.  BEST MOMENT EVER to finish my last day at work, I blew bubbles for Peter Pan.. the one character I wanted to meet since day one!!  It was like Disney made its own magic for me.

ANYWAY, back to the pin! It was the last 10 minutes of my shift and this girl came up to me and asked if I wanted to pin trade, I saw the Mickey Peter Pan pin on her lanyard and prayed that she would trade it for one of mine, and out of all the pins on her lanyard, that’s the one she gave me! I got a Peter Pan pin on the day I blew bubbles for Peter Pan on my last day at work, this actually made my entire last day totally amazing!!

The Stitch pin was the first one that I bought I think it was in Epcot, Stitch is pretty much my ultimate favourite Disney character so of course I had to have one of him!

The gold Mickey I bought in the Cast Connections shop (the store that only Cast Members can buy Disney merchandise at AMAZING prices) just because it was a Mickey Mouse.. that really doesn’t need an explanation!

Bambi is my favourite Disney film so that’s the reason behind that one :) and I bought it in the Philharmagic shop, wooo!

The Tinkerbell one I bought also in Cast Connections, it’s a limited edition pin and was only a couple of dollars.  I love Tinkerbell and it has my birth month on it so I had to buy it!

I got the purple Mickey at the Company D shop inside Disney University which is also just for Cast Members.  This pin is a Cast Member exclusive and the college programme is the name of the programme I was on :)

The Mickey pin was given to me by Shaun which I was specifically told I was not allowed to trade!  Why would I want to trade a cute little Mickey Mouse anyway?  Had to have Mickey the boss on my lanyard!

The CM pin is also obviously a Cast Member exclusive - I bought this at the Company D store at the same time as my college programme pin, I also like to pretend that the CM is my initials - Carly McIntyre :)

The grape soda pin Shaun and I both bought and traded for each other’s :) if you haven’t seen the film Up! then shame on you, but watch it and you’ll know what the pin is all about!

Shaun also gave me the Philharmagic pin, someone traded him it when he was working so he kept it for me as he’d know I would have wanted it!

And finally (you’ll be glad to know), these are the rest of my Harry Potter pins that I bought at the airport on the way home! The Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Hogwarts emblems :) I LOVE HARRY POTTER.

So, that’s the extremely long story behind my Disney Trading Pins! :)

A guy I met whilst working in the summer posted this picture a couple of days ago.. IT’S SO MAGICAL.

A guy I met whilst working in the summer posted this picture a couple of days ago.. IT’S SO MAGICAL.

If you haven’t seen this, watch it. Now. You won’t regret it.

We were shown this video in the presentation of our final interview and it gives me shivers just watching it!  Can’t wait to be back making magic for people in the best job ever :)