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Florida Mall

On Monday 16th July, I went to the Florida Mall.. which left me with $12 in my account until tomorrow.. ooops!

I bought a dress, a jumper and 2 shirts from Hollister, 2 pairs of sunglasses, a Ray Bans sunglasses case, a necklace, earrings and 2 tops from American Eagle anddd a croissant and 2 cookies from Nestle Toll House.  Bye bye wages!  So worth it though :)

Shaun met me halfway through the day at the mall then we came back to mine and watched ‘Going the Distance’ :)

Yesterday we also went to Applebee’s for dinner and it was karaoke night.  Honestly the funniest thing I’ve ever heard was this one woman attempting to sing ‘Call Me Maybe’ seriously out of time and tune, made my day!

We ordered this sharing platter thing to start with and I ordered chicken caeser salad for my main course and Shaun ordered pasta with steak.  Our main courses arrived first so we asked where our starter was and they brought it out and said they wouldn’t charge us for it ($14 off *woop woop*).  We then noticed that Shaun’s order wasn’t right and there was no chicken in my salad.. it was just lettuce and dressing with cheese!  Hilarious.

And we had the finest milkshakes EVER, I can’t even begin to describe how good they were but they were amaaaazing!!

Definitely going back there for this cookie dough ice cream dessert and more milkshake :) 

Work Positions

Thought I’d make a post about all the different positions that I do at Mickey’s Philharmagic and the Carousel so I can actually write about them without confusing people!

Strollers = Parking buggy’s/prams/strollers.. whatever you want to call them, and answering guest questions, and also blowing bubbles which is amaaazing!

Guest Flow = Standing in the blazing sun (or pouring rain), telling guests to walk on the right hand to control crowd congestion.. my least favourite job!

Standby Greeter = Standing outside Philharmagic welcoming guests to the attraction and also answering questions.

Fastpass = Standing at the Fastpass machines answering any questions and also helping people who get their tickets stuck in the machines or if their park tickets wont print Fastpasses etc.

Merge = Standing at the turnstiles where guests go into the lobby taking people’s Fastpasses, FLIK cards (the cards that let us know the wait times for attractions) and also making sure the show isn’t overfilled. 

Lobby = Making sure all the guests fill up all the available space in the lobby before they enter the theatre.

Theatre = Working in Philharmagic Theatre watching the audience in the shows to help anyone who wants to leave and to make sure nobody jumps on the stage or anything stupid like that!  This also involves me talking over a microphone welcoming people to the concert hall or thanking them as they leave.

Exit Glasses = Collecting all the 3D glasses from the show and stacking them into rows of 60.  I actually love this position cause it’s inside out of the sun and you get some peace and quiet!

Carousel Operator = Self explanatory really.. operating the carousel, making sure that kids have their seatbelts on, making sure nobody jumps off when the carousel is moving.. safety stuff!

Carousel Grouper = Making sure guests move all the way down the line for the carousel, basically chatting away to people in the queue!

Hollywood Studios & Epcot

Wednesday 11th July - Shaun and I went to Hollywood Studios and then to Epcot!

We went to see the Lights, Motors, Action stunt show which was pretty good :) then went on Tower of Terror and got some Photopass pictures taken!  This one is my favourite :)

We didn’t do much else apart from wander around for a while because it was raining and all the wait times for the rides were insane so we left to go to Epcot for the rest of the day :).

We got there and went on Spaceship Earth which takes you through milestones in history and then shows you what the future might be like.. so here’s me and Shaun in the future!

Shaun wanted some frozen mango juice drink thing so we got that then went over to the UK pavilion to have a look around.

First we went to the Rose and Crown pub/restaurant and got a pager so we could get a table for dinner.  While we were waiting we had a look around the shops.. where they sold YORKIES. and Flakes, Dairy Milk Caramels, Curly Wurly’s and other things!

They also had shortbread, digestives and FINGERS! Didn’t buy any of it though cause the shop was closed by the time we got back to it :( so hopefully I’ll go back soon because I’m having British chocolate withdrawl symptoms!

There is also a store that just sells like every single flavour of Twinings tea which was so cute!

And some other pictures from the UK bit.. :)

In one of the stores we got to meet Winnie the Pooh and Tigger :)

After that we got our table at the Rose and Crown and I ordered tomato soup to start with and then had cottage pie, Shaun had scallops and then fish and chips for his main.  We also got Ribena to drink.. it’s pretty sad how excited you can get over stuff like this when you’re in a different country!

We asked if we could sit outside to watch the fireworks on the lake so we got escorted out onto the lower deck with perfect viewing of Illuminations which was amazing!

Illuminations was a mixture of things, it had a fountain show in the middle of the lake, a giant lit up globe and then the fireworks, it was reaaally good but I still prefer Wishes!

We finished our dinner then after the fireworks went to meet Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald and Goofy!

Definitely been one of my favourite days here so far :)


But I can’t write on tumblr what it is because it would give away Disney magic, but I got to do something which was so cute and made a lot of kids happy.. yay :D.


On Tuesday 10th June me, Yaz, Jen, Vicky, Shaun, Pat, Mike and Matt all went to Miami for the day.. WOOOO!

Was such an awesome day.  We got the party bus there from Vista Way at around 4:45am.  Music was blaring and it got us all so buzzed for it!

We arrived in Miami at 10am and went straight for the beach after getting a group photo!


We chilled at the beach for around an hour then went for a walk and ended up getting lunch at TGI’s.  I wasn’t that hungry so I just had this strawberry shortcake thing which was so good!

After lunch we went back to where we had a private beach bit rented for the day with cabanas and mattress type things with pillows which was super comfy! 

We chilled on the beds and at the beach for the rest of the day and then we left at 6pm to go back to Orlando.  

The bus home got pretty tiring after a couple of hours.  The music was the same as on the way down, and I lost track of the amount of times the song ‘Rack City’ was played.. somehow managed to drift in and out of sleep though and we got back to Vista Way at around 11pm.

Couldn’t wait to get to my bed after it, was such a long day but was worthwhile!

Some other pics from the day.. :)

Downtown Disney

I went to Downtown Disney with one of my work friends Emily and her boyfriend Matt.  We went to Earl of Sandwich which was reaaallly fine!  Then we went to one of the stores to have a look around, followed by Ghirardelli ice cream which was also amazinggg, but so filling!  I had a rocky road sundae which had chocolate ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream, whipped cream, marshmallows and hot fudge sauce.. LUSH.

After that we went to the World of Disney which is the largest Disney store in the world.  It is honestly so big, the size of their jewellery section is the size of the Disney store back home in Aberdeen!

After we had a look around there we went home, was a good little night out! :)

Another Magic Kingdom Trip!

I think it was the day after jet skiing that I went back to Magic Kingdom but I could be lying.  But anyway, I went back at some point last week again as a guest!

It was pretty fun, I went with Becki, Bethan and Kieran and got to do quite a few rides that I hadn’t done yet.  We did the Peoplemover, Stitch’s Great Escape, The Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (which I’ve done already), Space Mountain (which I have also done already but I rode at the front this time which was super scary!), Pirates of the Caribbean and the Mad Tea Party.

We also got to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse, yay!

And after that, we got to meet 3 of the princesses.. even bigger yay!!

We met Cinderella, Belle and Rapunzel :)

Another awesomeeeee day off :) and here’s a couple more pictures from the day!

This one is my favourite, holding Tinkerbell :D