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Hello! I'm thinking of applying to the Program now but I realise it's quite late, will this hinder my application do you think? Also how do you pay for the program is it in a lump sum or in sections? Thank you :)

Hey :) I don’t think there would be a difference of when you submit your application, I know many people who have waited as late as possible to ensure their application is as strong as it can be so you wouldn’t be the only one submitting it later on! You pay for different things at different times but a couple things need to be paid as soon as possible once you accept your offer. Hope this helps :)

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I've been doing some research and I got a little confused on the names of the programs.... what's the diffrence between the cultural exchange program and the college program? cause I've read that a few years ago the cultural exchange program changed to college program?

You are correct - the cultural exchange program is the same as the international college program - it has just been renamed :) 

EDIT: nukagirl, for the cultural exchange program you need to be studying at an accredited university, it is the cultural representative program you don’t need to be at uni for.

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Hey Carly! I was wondering if you have to apply on a specific date or you could apply whenever you want?

Hello :) applications are currently open for the 2015 summer program and close on 30th September next month. 

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Hi Carly!!!!! Did you had a face to face interview or a phone interview? Could you give some tips for the interview? thanks!

Hi :) my first program I had a phone interview and a face to face interview, my second program I had two face to face interviews!  I have some interview tips on my FAQ page if you scroll down to “Interview FAQ” :) 

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Hey, the applications for 2015 are out for the ICEP and I am still waiting on conidtions before I can get accepted into uni I also have a backup choice that is unconditional. Can I still apply?

Hi! In your application process you need to state which university you are attending along with the title of your course so I don’t think you will be able to apply until you find out where you will be.  Their eligibility tab also states “Applicants must also have completed at least one full academic semester at the time of application.” so you may be best emailing them for a definitive answer on this. Hope this helps :) 

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Being under 21 did you feel like you missed out on the social aspect at all? I'm worried about being left out since I'll be 19 and don't want to risk being terminated for underage drinking

No not at all! There are so many other things to do than go out to clubs and drink.  Most clubs will allow under 21’s into the venue but you just aren’t allowed to drink, so if you do make friends with those over 21 and want to go out with them you still can.  You are also still allowed to go to parties in the housing complexes if there is alcohol there, you just aren’t allowed to consume it. Hope this helps :) 

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Hi, I was just wondering if you had to complete one year of university before you could do the programme?

Hi :) yes you will, I applied in my first year of university so the program was when I was on my summer break before going into second year. Hope this helps! 

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Is there an age limit on the summer programme? I'm 20 now, starting university in September (a little late!) & I'd be devastated if age was an issue, as I would most likely be applying next September & if I got onto the programme, I will be 22! Also, do you happen to know how difficult getting a place is on average? I love your blog, by the way! :)

There’s no age limit to the program :) I knew a lot of people who were 21 or over on both my programs so you have no need to worry! I couldn’t give you a rough idea on how many people apply to be honest, I believe they need to keep numbers confidential. I’d say there are maybe 150-200 places? Could be totally inaccurate though but this is just a rough estimate! :) and thank you, I loved writing it! :) 

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Hi! DId you have to pay for accomodation also how much did it cost? I am trying to look at it in a financial view how much money did it cost altogether did you make a surplus or a deficit? Also how long did you work there? I am planning to only work there in the summer as I have a pharmacy course. What experience had you had prior? Is Dofe at all relevent? And did you have to put on an American accent at all? Did you get along well with your flatmates etc? Sorry if I am asking too much.

Hello! :) the accommodation costs vary from each apartment size and also the complex (of which there are 4) I paid around $86 a week on my first year there and $101 a week on my second year there. The price varies from around $86 to $105 (approximately as this may have changed). It cost around £1000 for everything (flights, visa, medical & travel insurance, travel expenses to London for visa appointment etc.) I basically broke even making around the amount I spent getting there and took home $200. You could probably take home more money if you saved but I didn’t have the mindset of making money I was there for the experience over anything else.

I was there for 2 months & 2 weeks in my second year and just under 3 months in my first year (from the beginning of June to mid August).

I only had waitressing experience prior to applying and was given an Operations role as I stated I didn’t want to go out there and do the same job I have at home and I wanted to try a new experience.

Personally I haven’t applied for Dofe so I wouldn’t say it’s essential but I’m sure it would help :).

I didn’t have to change my accent although sometimes I had to tone my accent down as some people couldn’t understand my Scottish accent haha but it’s not a requirement.

I loved all my flatmates in 2012 and 2013! I shared with 7 other girls in 2012 and only 1 other girl last year and we all got on really well. Usually you barely see each other though as your work schedules are all different!

Hope this helps, feel free to add me on Facebook if you want any more info via message! You’ll find me under Carly McIntyre :)

So I finally got around to making this - wanted to do it for so long but just haven’t had the time! Some of my favourite photos and videos put together from my 2012 ICP/CEP experience :)