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I’m back!

Hey everyone! (whether anyone still follows my blog or not I have no idea) I have applied for a third and final program with Disney to go and work there for the summer on the Cultural Exchange Program :) I had my group interview with Yummy Jobs last week in Newcastle and have been accepted to do a final one to one interview in London in just under 2 weeks! (omg aah!!!!)

I’m aware I still get a lot of questions asked by people so I’ve decided to update my blog with a specific section on the application and interview process to help others in future with what they can expect. :) Will be distracting myself from uni work over the next few weeks updating my page and hope it will be beneficial for some!

A message from Anonymous
Hello!! I just sent in my application last night for this summer, I'm from Canada, and I am wondering if you ever plan on applying again?? I'm loving your blog xx

Hello! Thank you and best of luck with your application :) I have applied for the program again this year and had my group interview yesterday! Will have a final face to face in 2 weeks time if I am accepted :) xxx

A message from Anonymous
I've been doing some research and I got a little confused on the names of the programs.... what's the diffrence between the cultural exchange program and the college program? cause I've read that a few years ago the cultural exchange program changed to college program?

You are correct - the cultural exchange program is the same as the international college program - it has just been renamed :) 

EDIT: nukagirl, for the cultural exchange program you need to be studying at an accredited university, it is the cultural representative program you don’t need to be at uni for.

A message from Anonymous
Hi! DId you have to pay for accomodation also how much did it cost? I am trying to look at it in a financial view how much money did it cost altogether did you make a surplus or a deficit? Also how long did you work there? I am planning to only work there in the summer as I have a pharmacy course. What experience had you had prior? Is Dofe at all relevent? And did you have to put on an American accent at all? Did you get along well with your flatmates etc? Sorry if I am asking too much.

Hello! :) the accommodation costs vary from each apartment size and also the complex (of which there are 4) I paid around $86 a week on my first year there and $101 a week on my second year there. The price varies from around $86 to $105 (approximately as this may have changed). It cost around £1000 for everything (flights, visa, medical & travel insurance, travel expenses to London for visa appointment etc.) I basically broke even making around the amount I spent getting there and took home $200. You could probably take home more money if you saved but I didn’t have the mindset of making money I was there for the experience over anything else.

I was there for 2 months & 2 weeks in my second year and just under 3 months in my first year (from the beginning of June to mid August).

I only had waitressing experience prior to applying and was given an Operations role as I stated I didn’t want to go out there and do the same job I have at home and I wanted to try a new experience.

Personally I haven’t applied for Dofe so I wouldn’t say it’s essential but I’m sure it would help :).

I didn’t have to change my accent although sometimes I had to tone my accent down as some people couldn’t understand my Scottish accent haha but it’s not a requirement.

I loved all my flatmates in 2012 and 2013! I shared with 7 other girls in 2012 and only 1 other girl last year and we all got on really well. Usually you barely see each other though as your work schedules are all different!

Hope this helps, feel free to add me on Facebook if you want any more info via message! You’ll find me under Carly McIntyre :)

So I finally got around to making this - wanted to do it for so long but just haven’t had the time! Some of my favourite photos and videos put together from my 2012 ICP/CEP experience :)

A message from Anonymous
Hi Carly, I got an email yesterday saying I've been accepted to the College Program! It says in my offer letter that I'll be in Operations which is split into Attractions and Main Entrance Operations... does that mean I'll be doing either or both of them? And when will I find out which park I'll be working in? :)

Congratulations! :D you will be doing one or the other :). Attractions includes all of the rides and shows (except big rides that require a lot of training like splash/space mountain/great movie ride/rock n roller coaster etc) and Main Entrance Ops includes being on Parades/Audience Control, Park Greeting (these two are combined if you are at Magic Kingdom but it’ll be one or the other if it’s any other park), or you may be on Autoplaza which is in the parking lot assisting with traffic/in a booth. You won’t find out which park you’re in until around the 3rd or 4th day of your arrival in Orlando. Enjoy your program & hope this helps! :)

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Have you applied to do disney again this following summer?

No I haven’t, I’m planning to apply for the Cultural Rep program for 2015 instead. :)

ICP 2013 Blog

I’ve decided to keep a separate blog for my ICP 2013 programme :) I was going to use it as a personal blog but never got around to it! I’m planning on doing vlogs this year as well as written blog posts so please follow http://carly—in— if you want to keep updated with my ICP 2013 programme in operations!

Seat on the Plane Booked!

Yesterday I booked my seat on the plane for heading out to Orlando :)  I can’t wait now, a lot of the Disney people have booked seats together at the back flying from Gatwick so it’ll be good sitting with everyone.. party plane! 

Also received an email from YummyJobs telling me that I should receive my welcome pack by the 22nd of March at the latest.  It said:

Your pack will include your offer letter from Walt Disney World, Visa Documentation and a few surprises from our team at YJ.”

What are the surprises? I want to know now! Will post again when I receive it in the mail :)