My name is Carly McIntyre and I'm 20 years old from Scotland :)

I did the Disney International College Program/Cultural Exchange Program in summer 2012 working as an Attractions Hostess in Fantasyland on Mickey's Philharmagic and Prince Charming's Regal Carousel.

I was lucky enough to be accepted onto the program again in 2013 and completed my second ICP working as a Park Greeter at Disney's Hollywood Studios! You can follow my blog about my 2013 experience here:

Please check my FAQ section first before asking me any questions as I may have already answered it there. However, if I haven't, feel free to ask me anything you like about the college program experience and I'll try to answer as best as I can! :)
April 4th

a message from Anonymous

How long does an interview usually take? Does it really take 30 minutes to 2 hours? Or does it depend on the role?

The interview itself probably takes around 15/20 minutes.  If they are interviewing a large group of people all on the same day then you could potentially be waiting a few hours until your slot.  In my 2012 final interview I was last to be interviewed and had to wait about 4 hours until it was my turn!


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When you get interviewed are you asked a lot of questions or is it more of a friendly conversation interview? If it deals with questions how many do they ask you? Or does it depend more on the role? This question is for the CP and for a seasonal job. Thank you for taking your time to ready this!

Hi! They ask quite a few questions, i guess it doesn’t really differ per role to be honest.  Mainly obvious ones like why you want to do the program, why disney, what roles you’re interested in and why, etc. It is pretty much a friendly chat but of course they want to know why they should hire you over anyone else! The amount the ask kind of depends on what sort of answers you give them, if you’re not that chatty then I suppose they’d just ask you set questions. Hope this helps :)


So I finally got around to making this - wanted to do it for so long but just haven’t had the time! Some of my favourite photos and videos put together from my 2012 ICP/CEP experience :)

March 20th
December 5th

a message from Anonymous

Hi Carly, I got an email yesterday saying I've been accepted to the College Program! It says in my offer letter that I'll be in Operations which is split into Attractions and Main Entrance Operations... does that mean I'll be doing either or both of them? And when will I find out which park I'll be working in? :)

Congratulations! :D you will be doing one or the other :). Attractions includes all of the rides and shows (except big rides that require a lot of training like splash/space mountain/great movie ride/rock n roller coaster etc) and Main Entrance Ops includes being on Parades/Audience Control, Park Greeting (these two are combined if you are at Magic Kingdom but it’ll be one or the other if it’s any other park), or you may be on Autoplaza which is in the parking lot assisting with traffic/in a booth. You won’t find out which park you’re in until around the 3rd or 4th day of your arrival in Orlando. Enjoy your program & hope this helps! :)

November 14th

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Have you applied to do disney again this following summer?

No I haven’t, I’m planning to apply for the Cultural Rep program for 2015 instead. :)

May 16th

ICP 2013 Blog

I’ve decided to keep a separate blog for my ICP 2013 programme :) I was going to use it as a personal blog but never got around to it! I’m planning on doing vlogs this year as well as written blog posts so please follow http://carly—in— if you want to keep updated with my ICP 2013 programme in operations!

March 6th

Seat on the Plane Booked!

Yesterday I booked my seat on the plane for heading out to Orlando :)  I can’t wait now, a lot of the Disney people have booked seats together at the back flying from Gatwick so it’ll be good sitting with everyone.. party plane! 

Also received an email from YummyJobs telling me that I should receive my welcome pack by the 22nd of March at the latest.  It said:

Your pack will include your offer letter from Walt Disney World, Visa Documentation and a few surprises from our team at YJ.”

What are the surprises? I want to know now! Will post again when I receive it in the mail :)


January 11th

Flights Booked!

I haven’t posted in so long because I’ve been insanely busy working 24/7 and with Christmas etc I didn’t have any time to write!

Just a quick post ..since I’m actually meant to be revising for an exam tomorrow but I’m doing some serious procrastinating.. to say my flights are now officially booked! YAY.

I will be flying down to Gatwick on the 2nd June and staying overnight in the Crowne Plaza - which my mother informs me is all posh and fancy so I’m looking forward to that!

Then I’m flying out to Orlando from Gatwick at 11:15am on June 3rd on the Virgin Atlantic flight :)

I’m SO excited now it’s all booked!

A few people were saying they got their CRB forms back in the post today so I should hopefully get mine tomorrow.

Also, I’m super excited because my mum is coming over to Orlando on my last week of work so I can still get free entry to the parks with her, then we are going on a cruise leaving from Fort Lauderdale on the 11th August going to Jamaica, Haiti and Mexico!

I’ve never been on a cruise before so I’m really looking forward to it :).

That’s all the exciting news for now so will update again when I have more to talk about which will probably be around the time of my visa appointment :)

November 19th
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I do love my fantasy jewelry. #jewelry #believe #tinkerbell #disney #disneycouture #bambi #aliceinwonderland #drinkme #goldensnitch #harrypotter #evenstar #lordoftherings #deathlyhallows #timeturner #necklace #fantasy